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The 3 C's

♥︎ These are the C’s that help prevent disconnection and/or encourage reconnection.

Choose a C when you're feeling stressed to help you feel safe again.

Let go of control and grab hold of….

Connection: feeling seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. Feeling a safe sense of belonging to self and others.

Compassion: noticing the pain or discomfort in another and moving to express kindness and support. Self-compassion is the gift of doing this for oneself.

Coregulation: The ability to regulate through the comfort of another is called coregulation. This on repeat wires the brain for self-regulation, emotional intelligence, empathetic responses, rational thinking & problem-solving.

Curiosity: is another C I love. Becoming curious about what the cause of our child’s (or our own) dysregulation is. What are we needing, feeling, or believing?

Care: attention, protection, affection, or solution necessary for the welfare of someone or something.

Conscious: choosing awareness of sensations, emotions, thoughts, and behavior and practicing responding with our highest intention.

Communication: expressing and empathizing with feelings, needs, beliefs, and respectful requests as we honor one another’s rights and lives.

Choice: feeling a sense of selfhood and intrinsic motivation is empowering and connecting.

Cooperation: working together for the same end.

♥︎ Lelia Schott I offer Neuroemotional ~ Parent and Life coaching - Click to view my offerings.

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