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Self-compassion is a necessary practice especially when we didn’t receive a lot of it growing up.

We need to experience compassion in our bodies in times of stress to be able to feel safe enough to extend compassion to our children in their times of stress. In this way, it is much more likely that

  • Our children will grow to hear a wiser, kinder inner voice.

  • Notice when they feel unsafe with emotions, sensations or situations.

  • Know how to BE in their bodies, during stress, and find their way back to a sense of safety within

  • Seek connection it in safe places

  • Find it more familiar knowing how to stand up for themselves

Moment by moment we find our way back to what reconnects us to our worthiness and allows our children to be connected to theirs. Self-compassion helps us feel safer and braver reconnecting & taking responsibility for our emotions, needs and behavior. I hope you or someone you know will enjoy the (all ages) coloring book attached in the link below. ~ FREE PRINTABLE ~ With love,

♥︎ Lelia Schott

♥︎ I offer Trauma Informed Neuro Emotional Coaching ~ Parent and Life coaching - Click below to view my offerings.

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