"Connection is a child's deepest need and a parents highest influence"

With special interest in: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, Conscious Parenting, Positive Discipline, Non-Violent Communication, Trauma-Recovery, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Mind-Body Connection.

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 Lelia Schott 


Lelia Schott is the founder of Synergy Parenting, helping parents and children to reclaim their peace and power.


She has been researching and practicing parenting for 24 years and specializes in growing authenticity and attachment through mind-body connection, empowered communication and conscious parenting. 

As an empathetic listener and dedicated therapist, she loves working with anyone seeking greater connection to themselves and others.

She is a mother to four sons and two daughters who turn 24, 22, 20, 17, 10, 7 this year. She is recognized as a child advocate and quoted all over the world in many different languages. Lelia is an independent researcher, certified parent coach with a keen interest in relational neuroscience and holistic health. 

A note from Lelia. 


People often ask me why I'm so interested in parenting. It's wellness I'm interested in - the peace, protection, prosperity, and progress of humanity. Especially that within my reach. 

As I raise children, I am constantly inspired to raise myself. It stretches and pushes me and that can feel uncomfortable. It also strengthens and raises me and that feels incredibly comforting. Children have a way of bringing to light all the attributes we never knew we had. 

It need not be only "experts" who understand children's needs, emotions, feelings, behavior and our impact on one another and the world around us. We all need more understanding and compassion in our relationships; especially for the most vulnerable; to strengthen hearts and minds. 


Being tough on children does not grow them stronger. People are strengthened through compassion and understanding. No matter their gender or age.


Gentle Parenting is not a fad. It's how everybody prefers to be treated. It's how children learn best and deserve to be led. It's how adults heal a wounded inner child and grow a wholehearted adult self. It's nurturing: strengthening family through gentleness. Gentle parenting is strength-based authentic parenting. 


An important role of parent education is guiding adults to re-parent themselves consciously from the inside out. Learning how to parent without criticism, punishment, shame and blame can be challenging. 


Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns requires awareness and new skills. When parents feel empowered with new skills and greater awareness they replace control with connection transforming a power-based parenting paradigm into an empowered parenting paradigm.




Private online sessions with Lelia.

Meet with me for one-on-one or couple sessions offering:

  • A brave space to touch base on a topic or situation. 

  • Inner Child Healing and Reparenting 

  • Need to be heard / Chat Therapy 


The goal is to provide a brave space for those aspiring to raise themselves as they raise children. 

We focus on developmental science to grow heart intuition. emotional regulation, conscious communication and healthy mind-body connection. 

Whether you're looking to increase parenting skills, build self-confidence or reduce family stress, the coaching and resources deliver effective results through all ages and stages of development.

The goal is to be emotionally sovereign within ourselves and emotionally supportive within our relationships.



Our comprehensive Online Empowered Parenting Course promotes clarity, confidence, compassionate connection and conscious communication skills.  Discover what empowered parenting practices can do for you. Book your space on this guided journey. 


Perhaps if angry little girls were heard instead of silenced, there wouldn’t be so many hurting women struggling to understand and love themselves.


Perhaps if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed, there wouldn’t be so many angry men struggling to express and empathize with emotion. 


And vice versa.


Perhaps if vulnerable children were protected instead of exploited, there wouldn’t be so many armoured people struggling to be connected and authentic.


Children need to feel all their emotions without fear of rejection or pressure to protect a parent to mature into their healthiest true self.


Being hard on children does not make them stronger. People are strengthened through compassion and understanding, regardless of gender or age.