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"Connection is a child's deepest need and a parents highest influence"

With a special interest in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, Trauma-Recovery, Positive Discipline, Neurodiversity, Non-Violent Communication, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Inner-Child Therapy, and Mind-Body Connection.

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Lelia Schott is the founder and creator of Synergy Parenting and Coaching - helping people to reclaim (inner) child and parent wellbeing. As an empathetic listener and dedicated therapist, she loves working with people seeking a deeper connection to themselves and others. 


Lelia’s journey of integrating complex trauma led her to explore and certify in many different healing modalities. She is dedicated to life-long learning. Her work is based on using brain science as well as the power of tapping into what the heart needs. 

Neuro Emotional Coaching is one of her favorite modalities. It is compassionate and practical and works for a range of issues including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, trauma, fear, anger, panic attacks, stress, and relationship and parenting challenges. Instead of constantly crashing against emotion and responding to it from a survival state — as most of us were programmed to do — clients learn new ways of responding to emotion and challenges in their lives by learning how to use powerful neurochemistry to change responses, rewire habits and create a strong and resilient inner emotional life.

Lelia believes people are their own best experts. She is a facilitator of self-discovery. The goal is that people approaching her for assistance can discover how to integrate their experiences into their bodies and minds and start living in alignment with their hearts.

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Private online sessions with Lelia.

  • A brave space to discuss anything. Anything at all. 

  • Talk ~ Somatic Therapy 

  • Peaceful Parenting Practices and Developmental Science.

  • Skills to connect to yourself or your children.

  • Empower yourself to live from a brain state that acts from your core values. 

  • Inner Child Healing and Reparenting 

Whether you're looking to increase parenting skills, relational self-awareness, emotional fortitude, self-confidence or reduce family stress, the coaching and resources deliver effective results through all ages and stages of development.

The goal is to be emotionally sovereign within ourselves and emotionally supportive within our relationships.

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Our 6 Month Investment Plan is a long term commitment to reach your personal and relational goals.

Empower yourself through understanding what is needed to cultivate healthy childhood, selfhood, and parenthood according to the latest relational neuroscience and ancient heart wisdom.


I assist parents to grow in the mastery they need to rise and raise secure attachments.

Contact me for further info. 

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Our comprehensive Online Empowered Parenting Course in collaboration with the Jai Institute for Parenting, promotes clarity, confidence, compassionate connection and conscious communication skills.  Discover what empowered parenting practices can do for you. Book your space on this guided journey. 

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Perhaps if angry little girls were heard instead of silenced, there wouldn’t be so many hurting women struggling to understand and love themselves.


Perhaps if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed, there wouldn’t be so many angry men struggling to express and empathize with emotion. 


And vice versa.


Perhaps if vulnerable children were protected instead of exploited, there wouldn’t be so many armoured people struggling to be connected and authentic.


Children need to feel all their emotions without fear of rejection or pressure to protect a parent to mature into their healthiest true self.


Being hard on children does not make them stronger. People are strengthened through compassion and understanding, regardless of gender or age.



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