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Empowered Parenting Course

Our guiding philosophy is based on this truth: Children’s behavior is a direct reflection of their needs (met or unmet) and our triggers (expressed consciously or unconsciously). When parents change, children’s behavior changes. Without exception. So we provide a deeply transformational experience for parents first.

As parents let go of any residual feelings and unconscious belief patterns left over from their own childhoods and the way they were parented, they are able to quickly release old, limiting beliefs and replace them with new, empowering beliefs, ones that will truly support their best parenting.

The specific tools and strategies that we teach are grounded in the foundations of Nonviolent Communication, Emotional Intelligence and the Neuroplasticity work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Since the unconscious mind accounts for over 90% of our behavior, parents see changes almost immediately.

These strategies allow parents to successfully shift out of the dominant (power over) paradigm of parenting, which creates disconnection, resentment and rebellion, to the relational paradigm of parenting which restores connection, trust and respect.

As your coach I will support you through this epic transformation with one-on- one coaching sessions, online work books and videos. The course is in collaboration with The Jai Institute for Parenting,  is self-paced and you can choose when to book your sessions, although weekly is recommended. You are also welcome to join with your partner and complete the journey together. 




Welcome and Orientation:

Our first session is about getting to know you and your story. You will leave this session hearing from the heart and will gain clarity around what to expect moving forward into the next eleven modules.


❖ How to settle into a “brave space”

❖ All about your coach

❖ The logistical “ins and outs” of the next eleven weeks



Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent


Here we will become clear about what you receive from our Empowered Parenting Process. We will explore how you support yourself through stress, and your strengths as a parent.


❖ Grounding into your strengths as a parent

❖ Support for inner and outer resourcing

❖ How to set your intentions as an empowered parent



The Ten Core Pillars of Empowered Parenting

 Here we will explore the Ten Core Pillars of Empowered Parenting. We have broken down these pillars into three segments: The head, the hands, and the heart.


❖ What dedication means as an Empowered Parent

❖ The ten guiding principles of whole family empowerment

❖ The Power-Over parenting paradigm

❖ The Power-Under parenting paradigm

❖ The most common obstacles that keep parents from embracing



Making Sense of Attachment Science

Here we will explore your generational patterns of connection, intimacy, and relational safety. How we parent, ourselves, and our children, is an inheritance--passed down from generations before us. We will not make your history nor your present bad, or wrong. We will name it for what it is, and make a commitment for what you’d like it to be moving forward.


❖ What creates a secure attachment

❖ What creates an ambivalent attachment

❖ What creates avoidant attachment

❖ What creates disorganized attachment

❖ How to earn a secure attachment within yourself so you can offer it to your children.



Making Sense of Nervous System Science

The physiology of parenting is the cutting edge of understanding our internal world as parents, and the internal world of our children. With understanding, comes calm. With information, comes internal safety. We must know the ins and outs of our nervous system so we can support our children’s budding nervous systems.


❖ ALL behavior is our best attempt to meet this one core need: SAFETY

❖ How to be your child’s Safe Harbor by becoming your own Safe Anchor

❖ Understanding of how the nervous system works

❖ Polyvagal theory and the vagus nerve

❖ How to support our children through sensory overload back into safety

❖ How to track your nervous system thermometer and return to calm

❖ The art of rupture and repair

❖ Emotional freedom technique: “Tapping” for nervous system safety



Making Sense of Mindsight and Brain Science

As we continue our journey to equip you with an embodied understanding of the Ten Core Pillars of Empowered Parenting, and returning you to your rightful place: Secure Attachment, we will move into understanding the power of the mind.


❖ What mindsight is and how to use it

❖ The neurology of empathy and compassion

❖ How parents are literally their children’s brain sculptors

❖ How to choose curiosity rather than judgment

❖ The six barriers that keep us from mindsight

❖ The seven encouragers of mindsight

❖ Brain development for children birth-age 30

❖ Understanding our subconscious mind and our belief system

❖ How to create thoughts that expand you, root you, and connect you to self and compassion



Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

The heart of Empowered Parenting is understanding how our physiology, brain, and emotions work together to create our inner orchestra. Understanding emotional intelligence provides both the parent and the child with inner and outer freedom to live whole, full, exuberant lives together.


❖ What is emotional intelligence

❖ How it serves

❖ What keeps us from embodied emotional intelligence

❖ The new communication of feelings, faux feelings, needs, and beliefs

❖ How we can support our children’s emotional development

❖ An emotional body-guided meditation and instructional video

❖ “Permission to FEEL”

❖ Non-verbal self-empathy



Empowered Conversations

We have laid the foundations of the head, heart, and hands of Empowered Parenting. Now, we move to the voice. Navigating this new paradigm of connection, relational safety, inspiration and presence, practically requires a PhD in communication. We begin that process here together.


❖ Your generational patterns around the experience and expression of anger

❖ Your generational patterns around voice and expression

❖ Your belief system around voice, expression, and feelings plus needs

❖ A ten-step process of empowered conversation

❖ What blocks us from communicating consciously and nonviolently

❖ How to make a clear request versus a demand

❖ How to model intentional speech



The PEACE Process

You’ve made it to the essence of Empowered Parenting! Here we combine everything you have learned so far into our Jai Methodology of PEACE. We believe ALL conflict within a parent/child dynamic, or between siblings, can be solved PEACE-fully. With our methodology, all punishments, contrived consequences, threats, bribes, and excess rewards can be set out to the curb. We have the practical, actionable steps you need to thrive through disconnect, confusion, and parental overwhelm during your most challenging parenting moments.


❖ What holds you back from surrendering to play?

❖ The five-step process of PEACE

❖ How to shift from power over or under boundaries into power with

❖ The art of the loving limit

❖ Boundaries from soul values

❖ How to focus on engagement over expectations

❖ Your role in teaching children how to keep their agreements without shame



Anger and Healthy Aggression

You’ve made it! We’ve moved through ten modules in community. You began this journey in the unknown, unearthing whatever was ready to be transformed. You dug in and committed to what you are willing to release. You listened intently for the new beliefs within you that longed to be heard. You’ve gained clarity and inspiration. You’ve released. You’ve dared greatly. You’ve received. Now, let’s celebrate! Let’s lay out how far you’ve come.


❖ Generational patterns around anger and aggression

❖ How to move through anger in your body in a way that is harmless

❖ How to practice, and model, anger resolution for your child

❖ How to hold space for and support your child’s anger processing

❖ A deeper awareness of your judgments and beliefs around anger

❖ How to anticipate anger by reading your body’s cues

❖ How to befriend your anger in whatever way serves best



Playful Parenting and Storytelling

Play is every parent’s superpower! We will explore your playful inner self, so you can meet your children in theirs, no matter the age.


❖ The twelve play languages

❖ The four temperaments

❖ The barriers that keep parents from playfulness

❖ How to transform conflict through empathy and play

❖ Role-reversal and healing role play

❖ Healing stories for stressed behavior

❖ How to connect to your inner child and reclaim play

❖ What games speak to your heart and how to introduce them to your child

❖ Games for aggression, anger, and anxiety

❖ Games, games, and more games!



Your Personal Transformation

In our twelfth and final module, we will come together in the spirit of celebration and reflection.


❖ Where in your mindset have you gained clearance and more awareness?

❖ What is your relationship to your inner landscape? Can you name your feelings with more ease? Can you voice your needs?

❖ How are you able to hold space for your child? How deeply can you listen?

❖ How wide has your heart cracked open? How much unconditional love for yourself and your child now permeates your days?

❖ How merciful can you be with yourself? When you “regress?” When you “fail,” when you make mistakes and have moments of regret?

❖ How has your communication style shifted?

❖ Has your children’s behavior shifted? Is there more peace? Is there more joy?

Is there more possibility and play?

❖ How has your relationship to yourself shifted? Can you look yourself in the eye and breathe deeply with appreciation?

❖ Can you remain in perspective to your soul’s evolution? Can you trust that no matter where you are, it’s where you are meant to be?

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